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Risk analysis and implementation of security solutions for businesses

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In relation to security tasks and projects in Denmark and Europe, we often see the need for the use of special knowledge within video surveillance, alarm and access control, perimeter security and development of security solutions.

Through our security consultants, we can advise and help throughout the entire process and ensure a thorough and efficient implementation, as well as ensure that the right knowledge is present at every decision and phase so that deadlines, budget, and objectives are met.


Let us guide you through the process.

We can ensure that the project plan, deliverables, and deadlines are followed consistently throughout the project phase. The necessary knowledge and understanding will be available to all parties involved in all phases of the contract.


Let us be your advisor.

Use our advice and extensive experience in security solutions right from the start of your project. We assist you throughout the entire project phase and ensure that the necessary knowledge and understanding is available to all parties involved.

Assembly & Technic

Do you have a case, but lack competent and skilled technicians? We can handle the entire enterprise including installation or we can participate in projects with our competent  technicians and knowledge on implementation and execution of the assembly part together with you. 

About Essential Security

With more than 25 years of experience,
we are responsible for everything in
the security system process, from
consultation and planning to
installation and maintenance.

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